Workers Compensation

Seeking Just Compensation For Those Injured at Work

Did you get hurt at work, seriously enough that you will miss substantial time or may never be able to return to that same job?

Are you having difficulty getting the medical treatment, compensation for lost wages and other benefits you deserve?

Perhaps you have run into an outright workers compensation claim denial or been wrongfully fired because you filed a claim.

In these situations and others related to work accidents, injuries and fatalities, you can turn to Keffer Law Firm with total confidence.

We’ll help you get authorization for your medical treatment, compensation for income you’ve lost while you missed work, and fair compensation for your permanent disability and disfigurement.  We can make sure that you will get everything that you deserve under the state Workers’ Compensation laws.

Unless you’re very familiar with the state Workers’ Compensation laws, you might not receive the benefits to which you should be entitled.  Do you know the laws?  You can rest assured that the Employers and their insurance companies know the laws, and they are not in business to pay you fair compensation for your work injury and provide you with costly medical treatment – they are in the business to save money!  If you’ve been hurt at work, we strongly recommend that you consult a lawyer with extensive workers’ compensation experience.